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Industry Mid North Coast (IMNC) was initially formed in May 2011 “by 9 industry representatives in response to the mounting challenges the manufacturing sector was facing.  The founding members believed that industry itself could be the best generator of improvements to enable long term industry survival and sustainable manufacturing jobs in our region.   


In the early stages IMNC was focused on the metal manufacturing and fabrication sector, building trust and peer respect, the association now embrace and support the full spectrum of business entities that manufacture, maintain or refurbish goods and equipment and the associated professional, engineering and design services that form the supply chain within the region.  


Industry Mid North Coast is not a networking organisation but a intricate group of manufacturing business that work together to address their operational challenges and to create an eco system that will ensure the future viability of the industry.

We hear often how women are underrepresented in the Australian Manufacturing and Engineering Industry and this is somewhat true.

However in this region we have a gold mine of women leaders, innovators and highly skilled engineers.


There is more women driving the industry than is recognised.  Industry especially in regional areas is small and you will find there are many women managing the operation side by side their fathers, brothers of husbands, many unpaid positions.   Yes we need to strengthen the pipeline of female talent and find a way of identifying and supporting these careers so that they can develop, because it is these women who are driving change in the industry, breaking down barriers and creating new possibilities for the next generation, they are reaching out forming collaborations, questioning tradition and supporting the engagement with governments organisation and the like to drive the innovation founded on the factory floor and seeing it through completion. 

Since 2011 IMNC has facilitated, lead or developed a number of projects.  We have received State and Federal Government funding support as well as funded many of our own projects and intittives.  All projects are industry driven and industry lead, with support of our key stakeholders, support services and industry partners   


The Most important projects however are those that happen organically between business by understanding capability and being able to work on seeing the bigger picture.  We don't look at what is right in front of us, we look into the future.  Industry don't need much facilitating the culture has been set and we work together in this region every day.

Projects & Programs

Manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of their customers and remain profitable. Why? For many their current production networks are rigid, capitally constrained and not understood and geographically misaligned.

Manufacturers that continue to “go it alone” will find themselves increasingly marginalized. They will be moved to the side, as competitors recognize the future of manufacturing is about collaboration, that leverages knowledge transfer and production at speed. 

We like to use the word Co-opertition where competitors work together to create business and regional strength. 

Collaboration is Key

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